About me

I`m a simple human being but I have always had an immense interest in life. I was a talented kid who didn`t think much of herself. I thought people are born with certain traits and this is how it is. I knew I had a talent for learning and gaining new knowledge fairly quickly but during school I lost it all. I was filled with negativity and all my colors had faded out.

My journey of finding myself started when I was 20 years old, a friend of mine showed me a book called “The Secret”. I read it and felt how it spoke to me, it was written for me. But then it all started. With very little self belief and zero confidence. I started questioning everything and reading and trying to understand what is this life really about. How could I reprogram myself and my life. But to be honest, at one point in my life I found myself to feel the most worn out and with really bad OCD and anxieties. I had to rethink it all, and it took many years and a really good friend beside me who would listen all my crazy ideas and fears. One can never know what anxieties really mean before they have felt one themselves. The worst thing is that my life started to be empty of dreams and goals. I only had time to overthink my same old thoughts. Over and over again. But for all those who read this and are feeling the same I say, it is reversible, it is changeable. But it takes time and a lot of work.

I`m a born empath and it is something I have always tried to fight against. Strong people are not weak! But just lately I`ve come to understand it is something good it is something I want to keep and be proud of. It is okey if I am sad for some strangers or cry because something happened in the movie or can´t watch horror movie because of the mental images these would create in my mind. I have learnt to accept it all. Of course with some exceptions. I fall all the time, but I get up, and each time I fall it is to a different ground.

This is not a full success story, this story is in the making. I still learn and get better every day. During this processes I want to share some insights I have found to be true for myself and maybe those can help somebody in their journey as well.