Be extraordinary

Be extraordinary

For everybody reading this, this is a decision. I decide to be extraordinary, that`s all that it takes.

Feeling stuck

It is so easy to feel like a victim and blame everybody for what we are or are not. To think that we were born this way and it is in our genes to be this way and it can`t be changed even if we wanted to. But it is all a lie. This whole concept is a lie. Everything in our society confirms this lie though. If you can`t get good grades at school be sure to hold your head low and do what you are told.

I was one of them. I just never felt good enough. But I have always been good. I had good grades, I never failed anything. But I never felt enough. When I did good I felt ok but when something went wrong my whole life was in darkness and I needed a lot of pep talk to move on, because the feeling of unworthiness. And guess what?!? My life started to give me experiences I was feeling inside me. I started to struggle. Life threw difficult people on my road and I got lost. Thankfully my life also had some good people in store. I found aout about Transurfing books. It was about 7 years ago. These books really made a difference. I started inviting joy back to my life. And things got better. It took about a year and my life started to take better turns. I got a good job with really nice co workers.

What it takes?

The few who can see the big lie through, who believe they are worth more, can achieve great things. And we like those people too. We look up to them and admire their courage and high self-esteem. But it is only themselves who believed it first and all the others came following. What you believe will be.
But as we realise this, it is absolutely fantastic. We all have a choice to make. There is only three questions to ask from ourselves.
Do we believe we are worthy to be extraordinary?
Do we know in what field we want to be extraordinary?
Do we have what it takes to become one?
And then you go out and do it. And then most certainly you will fail and forget all about it and get back to the same old mindset blaming everything and everybody.

But this is the most important part now. Don`t take failures as failures. Forget that belief. When something goes wrong, good, you learnt something. When somebody yells at you at work because of something you did, you learn something. In this way it is all a win a win a win. The more negative feedback the more you have gained. It is such a wonderful relief when this kind of belief is set in the mind. Of course it takes time. And time must be given. But changes are pretty fast to show up. Believe me. Don’t take negativity home with you, don`t obsess over things you did or didn`t do. Don`t overthink them and try out all the different ways in your mind in which the situation would and should have had gone.

Be the smartest person in the room.

Be goal orientated and don`t get stuck in negative words. Have that mindset. Learn the skills you need and become the best, choose it precisely. And you are worth it. It is a lot of work, of course. I know there are a lot of people who complain because of lack of motivation. They start something but soon fall out of it. And then they are confused and sad and don`t understand why they don`t have enough will to continue. But in the end it is all about deciding to do something with yourself. Supposedly there is a concept of gaining a new habit, and it should take about 30-100 days. Have a vision where you want to be. Have it really clear in your mind. And things start happening.

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