Food is data!

Food is data!

I think it is important to acknowledge that food that we eat is not some anonymous thing that has either good or bad taste. And it is not about how much is the weight. Weight should not be the reason to be informed about the food and what it really does to you. If your number is too big then of course your body is trying to say something to you. And it is not saying, please go to gym and continue eating cookies and sugar.

For me the most recent clarity moment was when I heard someone saying food is a data. I truly feel it. FOOD IS DATA! Eating is a way to communicate with your body. When I choose to eat lots of sugar containing foods I am telling my body, please make insulin and store it as fat. Furthermore I am telling my body to feel worn out, my mind to feel low and unenergized. It is really not weather I am satisfied with my weight or not. It is about what kind of relationship I want with my body.

I really don`t understand why I should be telling my body all those negative things.
The more conscious I am about myself the more clearly I want to eat food that support me. Food that keeps my mind clear and energized. When I wake up in the morning I am not tired anymore, later at work I don`t feel like taking a nap anymore. My mood is more stable, I am generally a more happy person. It is absolutely wonderful how eating differently makes us feel differently. Before it was really common that I´d constantly feel tired and like my head was is in a fog. After I changed my diet this has changed totally.

Do some people really think that eating candies and cookies is better than all that?
During my day I meet a lot of people who think that if I don`t eat certain things I have totally crossed the line. “Human being is made to eat everything”; “Your brain needs sugar”…
How many times have I heard all that. And I believed it too. But, really, not anymore. I can choose what I eat and don`t need anyone`s approval for that.

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