How I started to eat differently

How I started to eat differently

How I started my keto diet and ended it the first day because I felt scared. I just didn`t trust that decision enough.

But I knew I had to change something. During many years I have read about all sorts of diets and programs but nothing really sticked with me. I still found it so much easier to eat like I had always eaten and although I knew my stomach wasn`t happy I continued.

And I must say, of course, my common sense says, do what you are told, eat like you are told. We have been taught to eat certain way and to change that pattern, it takes guts. And then we have other people around us who are confused and don`t understand why you have to follow some stupid diets and don`t eat like it is right, like we are told.

As I become more aware of myself and about my surroundings, it is absolutely obvious that my body starts to want something else. My body doesn`t want sweets and sugar filled products. For some odd reasons I don`t even have cravings for these anymore. I see people around me eating all sorts of sweet things and the only thing I can think of is, why are they doing that to themselves. And this comes from a person who ate chocolate every day, it was like a day routine, every day after work I would go and buy chocolate, some to eat on my way home and some to eat later at home.
As I mentioned before my stomach is quite fragile but I didn`t listen. I consider myself as a smart person but I having red all those books and articles about health and eating, didn`t use any of it for the benefit of myself. Finally I had enough of suffering all those weird noises my stomach would make not to speak about all the discomfort of gases and that sort of things.

So, for almost a week now I have been excluding potatoes, rice, pasta from my menu. I only eat some slices of black bread and that’s it. And I must say my stomach is happy. It is still in the beginning but I definitely see the benefits. I feel more fresh and clear, I have more energy. And that gives me an excitement to continue.

But I completely understand a change must come from a need. I need to change because I want to feel better. And I do. Completely different story is when you need to change but you don`t because you can`t change your patterns. The need to eat anything is too strong. Well, I believe that in that case you need to go back and connect with yourself. Try relaxing the mind and find peace within. I know from my experience that I started to eat less when I found myself a partner. I suddenly got friends with food. I started to love food and I ate only when I was hungry. Allthough I still didn`t make the best choices I still was pretty fit. Becoming friends with yourself and then with the food is essential. The world becomes a whole different place after this is accomplished. I know that. Love yourself and love your food. Even if what you eat is not the healthiest thing. And all the next steps start happening. Good choices start showing themselves. And all of a sudden it is so easy.

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