The art of changing your mind – becoming free of anxieties and limitations

Change is a way of being. We as humans are super learners. We can achieve anything that our mind is set on. We can rewire our brain, we can change our dna, we can do anything. But why on earth aren`t we doing it?

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

And this been said, we can also teach our brain to overthink and to generate anxieties. I know I did it. I have always been a worrier and overthinker, even as a little kid. But as I got older and life got difficult my brain really took it to a higher level. I got anxieties I had never had before. I started to get so disturbing thoughts which I would think over and over again, hoping these would be solved, hoping I would find peace of mind. I thought I could solve those thoughts in my head by thinking of them. But of course it got worse and worse. I felt really lonely. I felt as if I was the only one suffering and nobody didn`t have a clue what I was dealing with. I knew I had something like OCD but I never wanted to take medicine or talk to anyone about it. But I constantly worked on myself. I knew if I had the power to create this kind of situation  I also had the power to heal myself. I didn`t have much spare time to do it of course, because most of the time I was worrying and overthinking. And when you are having these intrusive thoughts you can`t think of anything else other than this one thought. I read articles and I watched youtube videos how to get over it. Hoping I would find a guidance how to be well again. But what ever I red, nothing helped. The same things happened over and over again. But the secret was, I had to accept it. Over time I learnt to accept my thoughts and let them be alongside myself. I started trying to feel good even with my worries. I acknowledged these thoughts in my head are not who I am. Although this was exactly what I felt. But my conscious mind kept confirming thateverything is okey, you are okey. And slowly I got better.  Slowly I started to forget my intrusive thoughts. From time to time something would show up again but I didn’t hold on to those feelings anymore. What helped me a lot was 5 second rule. If something happened that awakened my anxieties I would immediately start thinking of something that would need my whole attention. For example reading alphabet or doing calculations. Because you can`t think of two things at the same time.

“Since we know what we think, we always think of two things at the same time: the thing itself and the fact that we are thinking of it.” Descartes

But to continue, when those crucial seconds are passed the anxiety is weakened so it doesn`t have that much of a power over you. And slowly the brain starts to be wired differently, slowly but firmly. Until there will be several days without overthinking, and several weeks without overthinking and then several months and you are free. Free to dream again, to think thoughts of your choice, feel calm and happy. Feel the inner peace and calmness.

Most of who we are is because we have built ourselves to be this way. We are used to reacting to certain circumstances like we always have because we have installed programs running in our subconscious mind. If we could program our subconscious mind to know that we can change ourselves the way we want we can have super powers. The subconscious has to let the body and mind work together in the way that is useful for us. And although science previously had a firm belief that subconscious is unreachable it is now proven not to be true. Humans can and should use their whole brain. And we are able to do it. We just need to tap into the right mindset.

Changing needs courage. It needs patience, it needs time and discipline. When a flower starts growing it takes a lot of time until we can see it on the ground, a lot of growing and changing happened underground. But we usually get bored and disappointed before the flower reaches the ground.

Simply knowing how to react and think doesn’t help much, at least in the beginning. You need a lot of patience and of course knowledge. This is the reason I filled my bookshelf with all sorts of books starting from creative visualization, how to connect with angels and ending with books of accounting and marketing. Having read all those, I know they all add up to me, they all add layers that when in trouble I can always fall back on.

Even though I think I know in theory how to be the best me I still find myself falling each day into the same hole. Each day we have to face little challenges in which we can show we have learnt from previous challenges and can now act better. Everything is ok until something comes up and we get upset. Our brain immediately starts to find excuses why exactly this time it is justified to be upset. Only thing that helps here is to consciously decide that this nervous breakdown is unnecessary and this is just our perception of what happened. I consciously take responsibility of how I feel and think. Maybe just one thing went wrong, but I keep thinking about it for the rest of the week. And why is that? It almost feels comfortable to carry this failure with me trying to find pity in others.

These same kind of situations seem to be occurring as long as we have something to learn from them. It is a full circle and it is really difficult to get yourself out from that. But what I have found to be true for myself is that changes need very small acts and a lot of time. Small gestures during longer period get us where we want to be. And those changes can`t be seen at first so belief has to be there, a strong inner knowing that I am changing and I know I am and I am.

The best.

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