The ultimate bio hacker

The ultimate bio hacker

I just randomly came across Ben Greenfield and he immediately took my attention. He is obsessed with human beings living long and healthy. Does he go too far with all the bio hackings features, maybe, but he definitely has a point.

Happy healthy life includes many-many aspects but one could divide those into seven categories. For me those seem very fair. Life should be seen as a system of different components. Going to the gym alone is not going to make you that much healthier. I have always had the belief that in order to be fit you need to go to gym every day and work out a lot. But maybe it is a misconception. Maybe we don`t need to work that hard all the time. Maybe great things could be achieved with little effort. Little, but constant and disciplined effort. Do it smarter.

So, these are those seven pillars:

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Nutrients
  • Electricity
  • Air
  • Water
  • Light
  • Emotions

Cardiovascular fitness for fully optimized fitness, this is about working out maybe less but smarter. This is not what health clubs want to hear, of course.

  • VO2 – maximum oxygen utilisation, once every two weeks, 4-6 efforts about 4-6 minutes in duration with 4-6 minutes of rest.
  • Mitochondrial density – increasing it – very short very hard efforts followed by long recovery periods – 1-2 every two weeks. 30 seconds of hard effort followed by 4-6 minutes of rest, repeat 4-6 times.
  • Muscle endurance – tabata – 20 seconds as much you can handle, 10 easy for 4 minutes 2-3 times a week.
  • Strength – powerful muscle, combination of cardio and strength, once a week super slow weight lifting. 12-20 minutes excercise, 30 seconds down 30 seconds up.
    Stamina – once every two weeks get out in a fasted state and do something easy 1-3 hours movement without any food. Very good exercise to burn fat.
    Balance – include components for you to second guess. For example standing work desk, or balance board while working, stand on one leg while brushing teeth.
    Cold exposure every day and get hot everyday, sweating
    Learn something that is difficult for you, that makes you think

Nutrients – be aware of what and how you eat

  • Diet agnosticism – find out what works for you. Test your genes and blood. Customize your diet what fits for you and don`t trust all these books and people that are suggesting you something.
  • Digestible – Ask yourself first  is it nutrient-dense, is it digestible?
  • Plants – are good for you, when they have been prepared well, when their defense systems have been deactivated.
  • Control blood sugar – know what spikes your blood sugar. Try to consume two teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon each day, it has a very good blood sugar lowering effect.
    Also what helps for example Apple cider vinegar, Bitter melon extract before dinner to lower post eating glycose level.
  • Oils – be aware what kind of oils are you eating, not all of them are good for you. For example, Olive oil is something to use and love.
  • Calorie intake – moderate your calorie intake, include fasting.

Electricity – protect yourself from unnecessary radiaton

  • Ethernet – use an ethernet cable.
  • Negative ions – HEPA filter, turn on negative ions.
  • Air tube headset not bluetooth.

An air tube headset has a hollow flexible air tube that replaces the wire from your phone to the small earpiece. The sound travels through this tube of air to your ear, giving you quality sound without exposing you to radiation.

  • Phone case – defender shield, when it is in your pocket and not in airplane mode.
  • Laptop pad – laptop shielding pad – protects your body from EMF
  • PEMF / grounding – walk barefoot, lay on the ground or get a device that mimics it, for example delta sleeper.

Air – learn to pay attention to breathing

  • Hepa air filter – high-efficiency particulate absorber, a type of air filter.
  • Diffuser – oils that enhance alertness, increase your awareness (pine, cinnamon, rosemary), or some relax you (lavender, rose)
  • Nasal breathing – Breath through your nose as much as possible. Learn different breathing techniques.

Light – be aware how light affects you

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