Failure is the best friend

Failure is the best friend

Seeking failure

Everything flows smoothly until it happens, once again, I fail. Until somebody points out my mistakes and the house of cards falls down. And I am left there to pick up the pieces and move on. But what if the house was stronger? What if I was not damaged after each setback? What if each time it only made me stronger and stronger in a way that I would almost wait for a lesson to come and make me better and smarter? I really do believe this is how superpowers are developed.

I am sure most of us has heard the idea that life is a program that happens to us, that there is nothing outside the meaning given by our self. As long as we let us to be this way it shall be this way. But as soon as we take the responsibility of our lives, things start to change, old programs start to change. And the shift is really recognisable.

I am very aware of the shift I want to make. I am aware where I want to address my attention. During the day I constantly remind myself what it is that I am thinking right now and put myself back to the place I feel the best. To the place where everyhing is aligned.

Where to start

Changing thoughts can be very tricky, but changing old habits is way easier and easier in the way that you can really feel that you are doing something differently, something to improve yourself. I would recommend for everybody to start the change by changing some of the routines you have. Don`t need to change everything at once because one thing leads to another really naturally.

All those practices that I use in my life, meditation, yoga, cold exposure, help me to be the stronger version of myself. They are not always easy to follow. I mean, cold is most definitely not my element, I freeze when in cold, but almost every morning I take 5 minutes of nice cold shower. The sensation of cold is a really good way to train the mind to change. Although it is really inconvinient I still do it and I have learnt to enjoy it. And the good vibe that comes after the shower also makes it worth it. No matter what the mood, 5 minutes of pure cold water always makes me smile.

Make failure your friend

So, I take my failures and I look them straight into the eye, I am not afraid anymore, my failures are the best way for me to learn, my failures are my friends. This is the mantra.

I have always been afraid of mistakes. I have always avoided even talking about my mistakes because I felt like they made me weaker. But what is actually true, failures are the best ways to grow, failures when used in a right way lead us to a much better places. And I haven`t used that highway. I really thought that mistakes define my existence. I have absolutely no idea from where I got that belief. It must have been some experiences from childhood. I do actually remember a couple of events that happend, when I was about 7 years old. I remember a very strong negative experience when I tried to help a classmate but unfortunately advised him into a wrong action. I remember feeling so guilty and sad after. It was a no big deal, everybody forgot about it, except me. It can easily be a reason why I started to doubt myself. Because of a fear to make a mistake. But it is time to get over it. These kind of stupid things can take control over our lives, it is amazing.

Excercise your strenght

I can actually use that advice for myself and I feel like I am now a better companion to whomever I am with. I changed my perception of how I think of things, circumstances and people and it is awesome to see that the way that I am seen by others is changing as well. But I am being honest, I still have a bit of this old habit of ruminating about what happened. But I am well aware of that. And I know changes take time. I give myself credit for any success and progress I have and just simply enjoy. I choose to enjoy rather than overthink. I choose to spend my evening being happy and it is entirely my decision. It is absolutely fine to feel all the feelings of sadness and disappointment. Just don`t get lost in them. Feel and let go.

It is important to keep in mind that meditation and mindfulness practise is not just something you do in the morning or evening. It is about making a shift in a more general level. That the general everyday way of being would reflect a love based attitude. It is about making your heart and mind work in coherence.

I take my life as a work in progress. I choose to become better every day. I choose be the change I want to see in others.

2 thoughts on “Failure is the best friend”

  • My experience is that if it happens accidentally that I’m giving to somebody wrong advice It is a good experience to him and a lesson to learn. I’m pretty confident of making misstakes and ignoring it.

    • Ability to make mistakes and not get stuck in them is such a good skill and mindset to have. For some reason I was the complete opposite. But one thing is to ignore mistake and the other thing is to learn from the mistake, this is my main goal now.

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