Teaching or preaching?

Teaching or preaching?

Everyone wants to teach

There are thousands of blogs and books, where authors want to teach you to be the ideal you. They give you 30 day workout plans and diet plans and meditation and motivation plans. But are these people ideal themselves? What are their motives for doing all that? And mostly, do we need to be ideal ourselves in order to teach others?

Nobody really has the whole picture. Everyone is searching anyway. We can only give some little hunches and sparkles that we have found out to be true to ourselves. And for sure there are people who have a lot of these personal hunches that they want to share with others. And usually they also have a strong personality that helps. And they usually have done a lot, a lot of research on various themes and want to reflect that. And it is really good that we have these kind of people. Their insight helps other people to understand life better , understand themselves better. These kind of people in my opinion really help the human kind to make a shift to a more spiritual and balanced life where healing and improving the self are the most natural things.

Too much self-help?

Self help is so widely expanded over last few years. And this is a good thing of course. People are trying to handle their problems and find answers to so many questions. It is also so easy to come across information nowadays. Internet is filled with everything you would need. I am really one fo those who have found it to be so useful for my personal growth. But also, more and more I meet people who have got an overdose of it. It has more or less messed up their being.

Those kind of people who have red a lot of self help books, which actually have the same principles in all of them, go and try to speak with those words they have learnt. I am not saying it is bad. But I know it can happen, when a person reads too much self-help content they acquire a special language and they become what they have red, they forget who they really are. And what is more, they go out and they teach. They even have their own practises and people come and search help from them. I know people who have been absolutely brain washed by those kind of teachers. And when this happens it is almost impossible to bring that person into thinking clearly. Those false teachers are to be avoided in all cost.

Is self help a joke?

The truth is, a wider society don`t believe in them and it is like a joke. And it is so because they don`t really believe in themselves and they haven`t really understood what it is all about. They have acquired somebody else`s truths but don`t really feel it in their hearts. What`s actually sad, because of those examples the whole theme becomes as a joke for the majority. But it is not a joke. Everything being a vibration is so true. Thoughts and feelings creating our reality is also so true. Us humans, having an ability to build their brains and lives, we have an immense power in our hands. But even today, when I go out and I talk those words I am seen as a weirdo, and to be honest I don`t do that. I can feel straight away what a person is ready to hear and not. But on the other hand there is another extreme, on the other end of it, people who are so enlightened that they don`t understand the main principles of this life on earth anymore. It is still a very materialistic life here, and it is absolutely okey to take it this way. There are generally no shortcuts. If you want to change you need to become that change, you need to be ready to work and spend time doing that. And this is a very fun path. But again, peope want fast results.

For me it has always been about my soul. Do I feel a new information within me or not. Is it aligned with me or not. I can`t listen to a person talking when I feel that this person is not living the words spoken. These words sound fake. and I prefere to leave that person`s company.


As for most people who write and teach they tend not to live what they teach. “Act by my words not by my actions.” I find it very discouraging to see a “spiritual person” smoking or drinking alcohol and treating other people and mostly themselves badly. Often they write I am happy, and I want to teach how we could all reach that but in fact they are further away from being happy as ever. It is really about sharpening our intuition to detect those kind of “teachers” from real ones. I know that for me it`s when I see someone smoking that there is something not quite right about that person and I can`t trust that person. And there are a lot of those people who smoke and also teach, who feel anxieties and self loath, who practise depressive thoughts and feelings throughout the day. But they want to teach me how to become happy. I don`t really buy them. Do you?

In the all mighty internet we can not see people in their real being, we only see what is shown for us. We can only use and trust the inner feeling that occurs and listen closely to that feeling because it tends to be right. Usually there is something useful in every information. And there is some truth in every lie. We just need to find and identify it.

When something doesn`t feel right, it usually isn`t. When something feels right, it might be right.

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